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Detergents & Disinfectants

Falcon Cleaning Chemicals also

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Division presents extensive range of high quality Cleaning Chemicals Products catering to “Industrial, Institutional and Fast Moving Consumer Care” markets. Our products are very widely accepted by the professional Cleaning industry due to a range of products offered, excellent performance and economy. State of the Art factory facility offers products packed in 60ml to 1000Ltr packing & bulk supplies. Private labeling or contract manufacturing facilities are provided for large volume customers.

    Multiclean -multipurpose cleaner

    Eco- clean - multipurpose cleaner

    Sildet -high performance cleaner

    One step -rinse free cleaner

    Sanitol -citrus pine disinfectant

    Sanitol plus -cleaner/ disinfectant/ deodoriser

    Pine o -floral pine disinfectant

    Phenopine -phenolicipine disinfectant

    Kb bleach -bleach liquid

    V shine - dry bright floor polish

    V shine 24% - dry bright floor polish (high solids -24%)

    Floorstrip - floor polish stripper

    Starbright - dry bright buffable emulsion floor polish (high solids -24%)

    Zenda HF - high foam carpet shampoo

    Zenda NF -low foam carpet shampoo

    Handsoap - pearlised liquid handsoap

    Ensure - antibacterial handsoap

    Nufresh - hand sanitizer

    Flushkleen - toilet cleaner acidic

    Sparkal - glass cleaner

    Kb bleach - bleach liquid

    Degreaser HD - heavy duty degreaser

    Falcon HDC - heavy duty cleaner

    Greasolve - emulsifiable solvent degreaser

    Eco – HDC - heavy duty cleaner

    Shield autowax - rinse aid cum gloss enhancer for auto car wash sysytems

    Shield high gloss - manual car shampoo

    Shield auto shampoo - car shampoo for auto car wash sysytems

    Shield prowash - power wash / engine degreaser

    Shield excel plus - super concentrated automotive cleaner

    Shield shinex - tyre shine

    Shield screenwash - wind shield cleaner

    Shield airfresh - air freshner

    Sona - dish wash liquid

    Allclean - multi purpose neutral cleaner

    Alkadet - multipurpose alkaline cleaner

    Ovenkleen -oven cleaner

    Master machine dish wash detergent - detergent for machine dish washer

    Master rinse aid - rinse aid for machine dish washer

    Fabrisoft pink - fabric softene

    Fabrisoft blue - fabric softener

    Fabriwash HD - laundry emulsifier / heavy duty detergent

    Ecowash LID - liquid laundry detergent

    Lubricon 100 - conveyor lubricant

    Castor oil soap - castor oil soap 35%

    Metkleen - aluminium brightener

    M – kleen - multi purpose acid cleaner

    Aqua foam 2810 - drilling foam

    D kleen - drain opener

    Kleenboy multipurpose cleaner

    Kleenboy pine disinfectant

    Kleenboy handsoap

    Kleenboy dishwash liquid

    Kleenboy toilet cleaner

    Kleenboy bleach

    Kleenboy car shampoo

    Kleenboy antiseptic disinfectant

    Kleenboy fabric softner (blue & pink)

    Kleenboy handsoap

    Kleenboy dishwash liquid

    Kleenboy toilet cleaner

    Kleenboy glass cleaner

    Kleenboy cream cleaner

    Dish wash liquid super concentrates

    Pine disinfectant super concentrates

    Antiseptic super concentrates

    Heavy duty cleaner/degreaser super concentrates

    Glass cleaner super concentrates

    Pearlising agents

    Castor oil soap

    Floor polish super concentrates